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This garment is inspired by Project Runway (PR), Season 8, Episode 6, entitled “You Can Totally Wear That Again” and has been submitted with my application and portfolio for PR, Season 9.

For this challenge, the designers were required to up-cycle or remake an old bridesmaid’s dress into a new garment that could be worn again for random women selected to participate on the show. I decided to use my muses’ bridesmaid dress. It is a cognac (bronze) color. I thought metallic notions and accessories such as silver and gold would work beautifully it. Although I didn’t have the time to deconstruct her dress, I purchased a similar fabric in the same color to complete this task.

Besides the colors I selected to use, my concept revolved around the rockabilly era with a motorcycle chick aesthetic.

Additionally, I wanted to include another pant in my collection to show some versatility. I drafted the bodice on the dress form and used Simplicity pattern 2315 for the pant. Thereafter, I attached the two together to make the jump-suit.

The jump-suit has a halter top, adorned with gold buttons at the neck and an exposed zipper at the back.

This was a relatively simple project, but it was difficult matching the seams and darts, since my dress form is not suspended from the neck. The PVC pipe supporting the dress form made it difficult to place the pant on the mannequin.

To complete the look, I made a “corseted” belt using a metallic vinyl with a stamped snake skin print. It is adorned with bullet shells (found at my initial photo shoot location), silver chains and D-rings to fasten the belt around the waist.

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