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I am totally not keen on this arabian sort of self-called pants wich are so populair since 2 or 3 years ago, but I was really curious about this pattern from an old Patrones. It does not accentuates the calves making them look slimmer and oversizes the hips.
I look after a fabric with good shape and falls properly for this kind of drapping. Basically I was looking patterns that matchs my new shoes. I found this thin tricot, and was very cheap, 3 euro meter, so it wont be too much on risk in case the pattern did not work it out.
The bodice pattern came from Burda Easy Fashion magazine, current summer issue, wich I adapted to the pants.
I was really pleased with the outcome, both patterns were super easy.
patrones # 264 july 2007
I made my outfit more chic adding a nice bronze belt and necklaces.