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Here the other one of my two new embellished sweaters. I already showed you the black/red-one with a classy grunge outfit, this one is petrol-blue, matching with most fall colors like these cognac-colored pants. Like at the first one, I used “light turquoise” Rivoli stones from Swarovski, some golden acryl rhinestones (Swarovskis are really expensive) and gunmetal elements from 2 old elastic bracelets. The fabric is a Cloque jersey with a gentle shine, I love this very much. Pattern was the raglan sweater from German Burda No. 6846 V (a little bit longer in the back and slits at the side – and I sewed it oversized, as I want to wear a shirt underneath).
I love the color- although it was described as “dark blue” in the online shop, I was disappointed first because I expected something else than petrol blue, but now I’m happy.
I was inspired for this project by Tory Burch’s latest collection. Crystal sweatshirts seem to be en vogue this season.

Bye, Philo
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