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Bustier Top – BurdaStyle 5/2011 #127
Satin Panties – BurdaStyle 01/2012 #128

This project was out of my skill range, but what the heck lol. I arrived at my destination in my own way, as I couldn’t entirely understand all of the instructions for the bustier, with me being a novice. I dove into my vintage 70s remnant stash, but I didn’t try to match up the plaid pattern. I found it humanly impossible trying to get the two bust points to look symmetrical: I probably sewed all the pattern pieces up the wrong way lol. Instead of professionally under-stitching, finishing tidily, and turning pieces inside out etc, I just top stitched – or ‘assembled’ – everything together lol. I had to sew folded strips over the top of the bust edges just to hide some messy top stitching. I added a thick elastic band for the back as I didn’t have any white hook and eye tape, so you simply slip it over. The inside looks a bit rough, so I won’t be showing any pics of that part, lol! It took me under 2 weeks to sew this set, breaking the tasks up into daily chunks. It may be used as lingerie, bed wear, or swimmers. I loved how the high waist panties pattern offered tummy control last time lol, so I had to make them again. The top has some wayward lumpiness, but as long as this set isn’t too shoddy, lol. Location: Pacific Dawn