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This is the first garment ever that I made myself. OK…I haven’t actually sewn this, this was long before my sewing days. This is sewn by my mom based on a Burda pattern from the 90s sometime around 2007-2008 as far as I can remember.
What’s mine here is the 2-year long cross-stitching on all its bits. The idea came from the traditional Palestinian cross-stitched dress or “shorsh”. Amazing pieces of art one can wear (the last picture shows some examples taken from the internet). A standard dress would have cross stitching on the chest, down the sides, all over the sleeves, and sometimes on th bottom front and/or back.
What do you have with Palestine in common, you might think? The simple fact that my Jordanian father has Palestinian parents, and I’ve grown up seeing examples of this beautfiul dress worn to weddings and special occasions.
Since a dress would’ve been unpractical, I opted for a tunic but tried to maintain where the embroidery should be, the style I chose belongs to the Jaffa area (no, that’s not where my dad comes from, he’s from Nazareth, but it’s nice :) )