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My Brother Is the designer of this vest. I helped him make it a reality by doing the pattern drafting and construction.I must admit, I wasn’t too excited about it because I knew it would take a lot of work. Since my brother rarely asks me to make anything, I had to oblige. I felt humbled that he trusted that I could do it.
My brother decided to pick out his own fabrics. Well… he picked a STRETCH velvet and a silver lame jacquard paisley fabric. I cringed, but I ended up interfacing the velvet and it stabilized it quite well and the lame was a good complement to the velvet.
The cut is made up of asymmetrical concave curves that I traced on the muslin. I added double welted pockets at the waist and a single welt upper left pocket. The buttons are clear acrylic fashion buttons which add a bit of sparkle. The lining is a poly lining.
I have to add that my brother is a musician, so the drama in this vest is on point.
It took about 4 days total between fittings and pattern revisions and the final look, but I love the result.
It screams Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas everyone!
*ignore my clutter :)