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This is the 2nd shirt I’ve made for my NJ client. Here’s the first: http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/custom-mens-buttoned-back-dress-shirt

I must say that he has very unique tastes in clothing. I mean, bridal buttons?…. Oh well, I love a challenge. When we got started on this, I had less than two weeks to get it done. I panicked a little because I had to get in a fitting somewhere in that time frame.
As you can see, the fitting was needed as I had no clue as to how to finish the collar. Also, he’d gained some chest muscles since the last time I fit him. ;) Well, I got past all that, thank God, and it came together nicely.
Deets: I started with McCall’s 6044 view C with modifications. The collar was drafted. I opted for integrated wings so they’d be symmetrical. I used bridal button loop tape and 1/2" covered buttons, 32 to be exact. The cuffs are French cuffs with double buttonholes to accommodate two pairs of cufflinks. I opted for wider pleats which I marked with disappearing fabric marker. They were surprisingly easy to sew as I topstitched the inside folds. The center placket was cut on fold as an extension to the shirt front.

I can’t wait to see how he styles this. Should be interesting. I’ll be sure to post pics.