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The story of this dress began already in May at the Eurovision Song Contest. To be honest, this ist he only show I watch in TV and every time I´m asking myself WHY? Anyway, my favourite was Italy with Il Volo so I spontaneously decided I want to see them in a live concert. Short time after I already had organised the tickets fort he bis show in september in the Arena die Verona!

For such a special event I obviously needed a very special dress!
The fabric was already in may stash, it is a structured viscose.
Naturally I constructed the pattern myself.
The highlights are the cutout in the front and the free Zipper on the back.
The pleats in the front are double and slightly outward for more volume.
Side pockets are must haves for me.
Lining too, because the viscose is scratchy on the skin.

Then the big evening came… Arena di Verona is a fantastic location!
2.000 years old and the 3. biggest preserved antique amphitheater!
The show was completely sold out and the atmosphere was unbelievable – an unforgettable night!

And now a few final words …
Since a couple of months I wasn´t present here in the Burda community and currently I don´t find the time for sewing anymore. The reason is that I found a new hobby: VEGAN COOKING! It´s now almost 2 years ago that I discovered the vegan nutrition and philosophie and now I want to in-depth explore the secrets of the vegan kitchen.
It s for me absolutly fascinating to discover new ingredients I didn´t know before, new combinations and preparations possibilities andalso new flavours I never sensed before!
My taste buds are spoiled as never! For the first time in my life I enjoy cooking – before it was just a necessary evil.

But it is not only about cooking – to be VEGAN is a new life attitude. The reasons are manifold:
1. ANIMAL SUFFERING – most of us don´t realize how much immeasurable animal suffering is behind all animal products: animals are beeing enslaved, abused, tortured and finally murdered. 60 billions animals every year!!!I don´t want to be a part of this insane system anymore, I don´t want to sustain it with my money. Pleas watch Earthlings
2. ECOLOGICAL DESTRUCTION – animal farming poisons our environment with manure, ist he boggest CO2 producer, it destroys rain forests for animal feed – s. Cowspiracy
3. STARVATION – animal farming is a huge wasting of precious ressources as water and food: 70% of the agricultural production is being fed to animals! If we would instead feed directly humans, the world starving problem would be immediately solved. We could even feed much more human population than currently existent.
4. HEALTH – fully vegetable nutrition ist he most healthy possible! Provided that one omits such things like: white flour, sugar, refined oils and processed products. Vegan nutrition is not only the best prevention for all civilization diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart- and autoimmune diseases – it is also able to reverse all these diseases, with no need of drugs! S. Forkes over Knives and the China Study – an absolutely MUST READ book!
5. SPIRITUALITY – being vegan is kind of spiritual awakening: one understands that we humans are not a superior race and that we simply don´t have the right to treat animals such disrespectful and atrocious as we do. We all are EARTHLINGS – inhabitants of the earth – and we should treat all creatures and the Earth itseld with RESPECT, EMPATHY and LOVE. When you look around, you see exactly the opposite is happening: mankind has become to a plage that destroys everything. It should be clear for every logical thinking human that it´s not possibleto eternally continue this way without destroying ourselves at the end. And we call ourselves intelligent???

Now… after almost 2 years being vegan, I must say it was and still is a proper quantum trasition in my life: I feel better than ever on corporal and psychical level, I don´t miss any old taste – I feel like in the Flavour Heaven – it has enormously expanded my horizon with informations I didn´t have before and I am happy not to part this sick all destroying system anymore.
I just hope to be an INPIRATION for other people in order for us all together to make a better place of this beautiful planet EARTH.