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Dinner Dance comes and in need of something no one else has got, that will make me look slim and not have to worry about sucking-in in photos and i want it bright! So walking home everyday i go past a rose garden and i saw these pink and orange roses, they were so beautiful i wanted to incorporate them into my wardrobe somehow (freak). Also noting that orange and hot pink were very in for s/s’11 i got set on mood boarding. This is my first ever fully boned corset and i was so excited but nervous at the same time.I brought 20m of steel boning and my best friend gave me dustbin bags of material. I googled 17/18th century corsets and drew up at pattern from the internet. I then used millions of layers to get the thickness in my corset (note to self used layers of really thin fabric that didnt hold colour well and took forever to dye, also wears quickly). I made straps and a cross over section for the bust. I used acrylic paint to dye my fabric as the colour is much richer than using fabric dye, as it doesnt wash out (my mum taught me this when it wouldn’t come off my school shirts). For the skirt i draped it over and round then i dyed it to get the gradual effect, ruining my bath….I put a panel in the back under the lacing for decency. I made my bag using left over lace and a simple envelope idea, I brought the shoes on ebay and the roses for my hair in Peacocks, then i dyed those both to match the dress. Finally, i wore my brand new Vivienne Westwood pink heart orb earring and fell right into character, enjoy….