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This was a project from my first semester of graduate school (Fall 2016). I was taking a 3D printing and fashion course where we could implement this technology on a garment. I have always been fascinated with fairy folklore where they are not the cute Disney types, but the type of creature that would kidnap/mate/enslave.

The beads were printed using Makerbot technology, hand finished, and hand painted for the nightshade flowers so that they resembled the actual flower. Each bead, 97 total, had to be sanded and cleaned before application.

This dress was inspired by the need for humans to mate with and the lines of the dress actually illustrate female biology. The nightshade flowers, leaves, and blossoms were all 3d printed and applied by hand to a tulle layer that was chain stitched to resemble Celtic knotwork. The layer underneath is hand dyed silk crepe de chine that was dyed while 35% with acid dyes to develop a leafy texture. It was then backed with a stiff polyester taffeta to ensure it wouldn’t collapse underneath. The top of the dress features real leather center back panels while faux leather tape was used to finish the hem. Polyester horse hair was put inside the faux leather tape to give the hem structure.

This dress will be used in an upcoming collection called “Celtic Nightshade,” which will be a fall/winter collection.