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This dress should fit size 10-14, so long as the bust area fits. The back is adjustable. It will come with sleeve wings, I’ve hand made the arm bands from fabric covered elastic.

The pin that holds the front of the dress together is actually a replica of the shoulder pin from another of Daenerys’ dresses. It is half the size of the pin that should be on this dress. The pin won’t hold the fabric as there’s a gap at the bottom of the ring, it will need pinning on.

No official replicas were made of this version, the small one will be sent instead. I am still trying to find someone to make the right size pin for this dress.

I’m putting this dress up for sale. If you’re interested, all that needs finishing on it is the dress strap clip needs attaching. I haven’t purchased it yet, but I have pictures of what I’m looking to buy.

Available to purchase immediately, will be shipped within 14 days. Item price includes postage.