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What I shoud say first – I just don’t know if the main hero of the project is the clutch or the blouse. Inspired by Ellen’s and Liliv’s projects of bags I, at last, overcame my prejudice as for my … “bags sewing skills” and made this nice and refined clutch. I used the leftovers of the fabric from this skirt. In this way I’ve got a nice accessory. I was pretty delighted with the result and wanted at once something to match the skirt and the clutch. And in one of the bags found this great blouse from Burda 11/2000, # 116. I guess it is one of the most complex things I’ve ever made. And I still like it a lot. But when sewing I made a mistake – cut the seam allowance along the front edges for usual 0.5 cm. So after the first time of wearing the blouse, the edges ( from both front parts!!) just frayed out from the plackets :-(( I re-made them but it happened again. So then I decided the blouse would become just a pleasant memory :-) After making the clutch it occured to me to renew the blouse one more time so now I can consider it to be almost new:-))