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Last December the choir I’m a member of sang “The Messiah” from Haendel. We had to wear a black outfit with a little red. For the jacket I gave Vogue 2859 a try. I made it very accurately – drafted the pattern into my size, copied it twice on , one within seam allowance and one without and used transparent plastic sheets (furniture security foil) for the pattern pieces. So I laid the assembling pattern pieces one on the other on the fabric and cut the fabric. Then I made a muslin, which was necessary because of the sharp edges of the jacket. Of course I sewed the wrong edges together – this pattern is really tricky! When I sewed the original jacket I knew what to do. I omitted the waste-darts because I’m not so thin any more.
The skirt is made from an easy pattern of an old burda magazine from September 2009.
For the top I had no time left, so I bought one and found these nice red boots too.
On the day of the concert I wore black tights underneath, when the photos were made it was too hot for them.