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Winter has just arrived in Sydney, so I spent a weekend making this blouse. The pattern is McCall’s M7053. It’s from their Archive Collection, originally printed in 1933. The lines and styling are very much Art Deco, but not overwhelmingly costumey.
The main shape of the blouse is just a simple loose top with minimal shaping, with all the interest in the asymmetric cowl. It’s a very weirdly shaped pattern piece. It curves around the back at the width of a slightly wider than normal collar and then at the front is basically a large distorted trapezium. Because the shape is very strange and it’s not immediately obvious how it inserts into the blouse I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for a new, inexperienced or unconfident sewist.
I’ve named it Phryne’s Winter Blouse because it really is something that Phryne Fisher from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (great show, and wonderful late-1920s costumes to look at if you’re a fan of vintage fashion) would wear. The buttons on the blouse are in fact from the Miss Fisher Collection, which I picked up when I saw the costume exhibition recently.

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