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I saw a picture of this blouse on Friday. It’s a Nara Camicie pattern from the Pattrones #274 pattern magazine. Unfortunately, I can’t buy this magazine in Serbia, but luckily I have the JJ pattern! I immediately saw the potential of the JJ pattern and so I hurried back home on Friday to alter it. And voila! Here’s the result. I think it’s a nice copy of the original.

The blouse has a pleated bib and semi-princess cut on the front. The back is made from one piece, with two waist darts. The sleeves are elbow-length, slightly bell-shaped, with tie bands that give them ruffle effect. The button closure is slightly V cut and the buttons end up at the bust apex point. The collar is constructed from stand collar and a shirt collar parts. I like the blouse very much, but I think I’ll narrow it in the waist area to make it fit better…

I wanted to post the altered pattern to the BS, but I was uncertain whether that would violate the copyright. Instead, I’ll make a how to as soon as I find some time (that is – if you’re interested in such tutorial?). I’ve seen on some sewing blog that the blog writer posted a tutorial on altering an existing pattern to make a pattern published in another pattern magazine, so I suppose I am permitted to do the same…