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My best friend commissioned that I make a corset for his girlfriend for Christmas 2010. This was the result!
I started with a four-part corset pattern and added the front lacing detail by folding 2" grosgrain ribbon into the seams as I worked them. The effect turned out amazing. For the back lacing, I did buttonholing only. It’s a once-bitten, twice-shy situation, but I knew that with ribboning this thick, grommets or eyelets wouldn’t work as well.

The full details: upholstery outer detail with soft poly inner and crinoline for structure, poly boning along front seams and back, grosgrain ribbon detail along top edge, grosgrain ribbon ruffle detail, grosgrain ribbon front lacing, triple-reinforced, buttonhole lacers in back; two sets for adjustability, topstitching over all seaming details