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First off, I’m running a giveaway for a free copy of this pattern (through March 2nd) on my blog here: http://denversews.com/2015/02/24/jasper-sweater-review-a-giveaway/

This is the Jasper Sweater by Paprika Patterns, available for purchase here: https://www.paprikapatterns.com/shop/jasper-sweaterdress/

I made View A, the hooded version. It’s also available in a dress length and/or with a cowl neck instead of the hood.

There were a lot of things I liked about this pattern:

- The princess seams are much more flattering than a traditional boxy sweatshirt.
- The welt pockets class it up a little bit.
- The hood shape is a little different and fun with the added buttons.

The sizing was spot-on. I used the size 7 for the bust and then graded out to the size 8 at the hip. (I’m pear shaped.) The only other alteration I made was to shorten the sleeves by 3 inches, but that’s standard for me. Another thing to like about this pattern: the sizes 7-10 (41″ to 49″ bust) are graded for a C cup. (Sizes 1-6 are graded for the standard B cup.) I hate how Big 4 patterns are graded for a B cup in every size. Almost nobody my size wears a B cup!

The only thing I disliked about the pattern was the width of the sleeves at the wrist. It’s really just a style preference, but I like my sweatshirts to have a cuff that’s tight on the wrist so they don’t feel drafty.