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For valentines this year I want to get my sweetheart something unique and cheesy. The local dollar store was stocking bags of 350 fake rose petals, some nice pink ribbon, and glitter stick on letters with rhinestones.

I cut out a triangle bra from nude mesh, and while at work (it’s a job where I have a lot of time to do small unobtrusive crafts) I hand sewed 450 of those petals to the triangles. When they were completely covered I sewed them to the edge of the wide ribbon, making sure to gather the middle of the triangle. Attached a smaller ribbon to the top of each triangle, and voila!

Oh and then cut the rhinestones from their letters and stuck them all over the petals.

A note on why I call this intermediate difficulty, it’s all super easy and beginner level. But it required over 20 hours of hand sewing petals. Which elevates it from an easy weekend project.