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A golden jacket made using an 80’s magazine pattern
(I made the jacket, not the jeans or the top)
I got the scheme from a “young Fashion” article in an 80´s Burda Mode magazine. All the clothes were party velvet dresses! I made some adjustments, of course… the jacket is just really two rectangles of fabric sewed together, there´s only one sewing line on the under part of the arms and one across the chest. The upper body rectangle is 120m X 50cm (with a 24cm X5cm neck hole -1cm on the back, 4cm on the front) folded in half. The arms are 36 cm long and the chest is 48cm(36+48+36=120cm). The lower part is a 150X28 rectangle, without any side sewing. I left 3cm for sewing allowances. The fabric is stretchy and embroidered crosswise, not lengthwise, and it is like 80cm narrow, so although the pattern is so simple it took quite a big amount of material.
Isn´t it amazing how the simplest patterns turn out great? I just love using very simple fabrics for elaborate projects and the other way around, the simplest lines for the most scrumptious fabrics…I´d love if you visited my blog for more inspiration, hehehe.