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Two years ago I went backpacking in Europe and everyone – men and women – was wearing these awesome drop crotch pants. I totally had to have these; I hadn’t seen anyone in the states (or at least Louisiana) wearing them. I found some that I liked online, but couldn’t handle paying 20 bucks plus shipping for something that I knew I could make myself.

This past march I found some awesome ethnic knee-pants at a medieval reenactment fair. I loved the woven fabric details and bright colors, but I hated the non-drop-crotch and not-baggy-enough legs. I swiped them for 8 bucks, though, with plans of improving the designs.

I carefully deconstructed the pants with a seam ripper, salvaged the colorful fabric I liked so much, and improvised my own drop-crotch pants out of a blue linen-look-alike fabric. I started with a gigantic “shorts” pattern and fiddled around with the pleating in the front and back until I got a drape that I wanted. I’ve seen a lot of drop-crotch pants that don’t really do much for your bum and make it look saggy. I wanted a more “skirty” effect. I also made the pants high-wasted (which the originals didn’t have) because I think it’s flattering and makes my butt look bigger (which I want). I like to wear these with a plain black tank and minimal silver jewelry.

Please pardon the bad photography.