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I’m a BIG fan of TV series (especially HBO) and I love old school gangster movies which the action takes place during prohibition, roaring 20’s… So, Boardwalk empire fascinates me! I love the look of Nucky Thompson, his cynicism, his three piece suits, his stiff collars and of course the choice of printed fabrics who are fabulous! When I found this piece of old fabric I thought Nucky could wear it ! I had just enough fabric to make an underbust…

Technical details:

- this is a two layers corset ; external layer is wool and lining is heavy cotton.- there is no waist tape
- for the front closure I used heavy duty hooks and eyes
- the bone casing are external and sewn in grosgrain ribbon
- there is 16 bones; 2 flat steel bones at front and back closure and 12 spiral bones over each seam.
- I used a vinyl binding tape, its cute but it’s a real pain to sew properly…

I’ve uploaded my pattern on my blog, you can use it if you have the same measurement than I or adjust it. http://venefice.blogspot.fr/2012/10/the-nucky-thompson-corset_21.html