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Peplum Bustier – Burdastyle 10/2013 #109

I made this peplum bustier out of upholstery fabric I got once from a craft store off-cuts bin. I didn’t make bubble pleats, only because I just had the written (not the illustrated) instructions, and couldn’t understand them lol. I used light-medium weight interfacing, and vintage left-over gold lining; the thickness of it makes it feel sturdy, the boning adding to the structure. There was a little hand-sewing to finish; all thick or raw seams on the lining are bound with gold craft store ribbon. I used hem tape to effectively reinforce all top and bottom edges of the lining. Seeing as I’m a cat lady lol I took these photos while cat-sitting at my uncles’ house. Location: Parnell

Alterations: I’d traced this bustier pattern a few years ago (I traced loads of sewing patterns earlier, from the library) and realized later that it was one size too small: at least for my stomach region, lol. So I added extra panels going down each side of the centre front opening, both measuring 4cm wide; it is a fair amount, and it looks flatter on the front peplum now lol. I used the wrong side of the fabric for a subtle contrast. While I could breathe better, the bust was now gaping out more than desired lol. So I decided to alter the original centre front seams, by cutting into the front bustier pieces, and removing two dart shapes. The darts each start 4cm in, going down from the top edge, angling back out to the original centre front seam, the points level with the approximate bust line. This worked as it pulls the top edge back in and curves around the boob area lol.