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DIY Poncho – Burdastyle 1/2010 #158

I got this nice shawl from the thrift store for one dollar, and tried this alteration. It had a hole and other pulls in it, but luckily it was mainly situated where the front neckline was to be cut out. The shawl is shorter in width across the shoulders than the pattern, but I sewed each side together at the waist for about 20cm, so it won’t move around. Its purpose is certainly decorative; I lined it in a rather bright green vintage off-cut, which gives it a bit of a dress up box look eeeeek lol, and I turned all outer edges to the inside just for stability. I guess it adds extra warmth too, although it isn’t fleecy for winter. I put a pocket inside each front flap, so it has some usefulness lol. It is also tricky trying to match it with other items, unless you are after a riot of color and paisley to layer over your outfits lol. Location: Freeman’s Bay