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Caftan with Tie Bands – Burdastyle 3/2011 #126

I traced this pattern 4 years ago. The fabric originates from the 70s, and I recently scored over 5 metres of it for only $4 from the thrift store, I’m cheap lol. I had to use my great-grandmothers’ wonderfully robust 1950s dress-makers mannequin (as well as her sharp-as-the-day-she-bought-them pinking shears: olden days sewing implements are good quality!) for the first time, because I’m not used to making large items lol. I found the maxi caftan a bit unwieldy to make, but draping the fabric over the mannequin helped me to see what I was doing. The item looks large on, but the fluid fabric is light as air, and it actually folds up into a tiny roll that you can carry in one hand, so perfect for traveling. The nature of the fabric is synthetic, and I am too scared to iron my caftan, due to this type of material getting holes melted in it if using a too hot iron. Location: Martins Bay.