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A new version of the Burda style 01/2016 hoody since I absolutely love my black one even though I made it as a muslin in a naff fabric. I have still found I have worn it loads. It was always meant to be just a muslin anyway so this red top is the real deal. I did not make any real changes to either pattern other than not adding the pocket onto the top since it is a very lightweight lacey fabric and I was not sure a pocket would work. I think if it was used at all the fabric would be destroyed by carrying things like keys around and to be honest if I had a pocket on it that is what I am most likely to carry in it so best just not to sew it on in the first place. It is the same fabric I used for my Lace Cowl Dress 12/2014 #121. I also made the faux leather trousers worn here. More on my blog:http://brackencrafts.blogspot.co.uk/