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DIY 30-Minute Swimsuit – Burdastyle 7/2017

I have to admit I didn’t use lycra or swimwear material to make this, even scuba might suit better. I just loved the striped design of this leftover piece of 70s material too much, which is from a friends’ mum. The material has only slight elastane stretch in all directions, but it is not clingy, huggy, or liquidy enough. The fabric is composed of two pressed layers, probably a polyester/crepe blend, and has an interesting embossing/waffled texture on the front side. I had exactly this measurement only available for the horizontal width of both straps; they only just reach across the front width of the pants. However because the fabric is not very stretchy I would have definitely made them wider. I tried adding some underwear elastic around the bottom section of the straps, along the sides, but that didn’t really work. It is more like a bandage swimsuit than a wrap one lol. Needless to say, to cover up modestly I have to pull the bands taut lol, or do extra crossing over. I tried the first two burda variations: they only just cover and I may feel uncomfy with exposed/open sides, and I was not able to even do the third halter version at all lol! I did try some alternatives though, with all of them covering up at the sides.