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One skirt for work and one skirt for fun. Both of these were made without a pattern, and both fabrics are from Spotlight.

The messy artist skirt is just two identical pieces, one for the front and one for the back. I had been going to put elastic into the waistband, but given the fabric is a scuba knit a separate waistband wasn’t necessary. The extra fabric I had intended for the waistband also means I can wear this skirt as normal or high waisted. This was a very simple skirt, and took only 20 minutes of work.

The fabric for the second skirt is one I’ve had for a couple of years. When I saw this fabric I loved it immediately. I am a geographer, so I felt like I had to buy it. I decided to make the skirt pleated. The fabric is a cotton duck, so it has quite a bit of body and I felt it would be too full if I gathered it, and the waistband would be too bulky. I also put pockets in the side seams, although I initially sewed them inside out. I put a zipper in the back, which was a bit of a tricky insertion, but seemed to work.

Both of these skirts were fairly easy to make but have gotten lots of compliments when I wear them!

More on my blog: https://antipodeanstitcher.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/messy-artist-and-geographer-skirts.html