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Apfelbluete made a petticoat for you.

The one important thing is: use some special petticoat fabric but never use tulle!!! Tulle will become flabby and soft after the first washing. Instead of special petticoat fabric, you may also use organza or chiffon.
We bought our special petticoat fabric here
This petticoat is really sooo simple to make!
Note: It is made of two layers and each layer consists of three tiers. The top which is not gathered is made of different fabric, you can use taffeta or cotton. In the waist there is an elastic.
There are lots of pictures in our instructions which explain the construction.

This petticoat of our project was send to a friend of apfelbluete and she says: Wearing it she feels not like a princess – but like a QUEEN! :-)