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Some years ago I was rummaging through the internet and came across these fierce illustrated tights. I can’t for the life of me remember where I stumbled upon it, but the concept is tattooed in my mind. It depicted a small revolver tucked away in a garter belt, kept to the side. So this is no way original (like all of my creations it is “borrowed” or shamelessly stolen). It was simple and oh-so-great. This is my version.

Using google image search for old fashioned revolvers and tracing paper I made a fairly eye-pleasing simple pistol that would make Joan Crawford ca. Johnny Guitar period proud to wear! If memory serves me correctly the pistol was just below the knee, however, once I started placing the pattern I found thigh high was the only way to go. Then I could still use the leggings for normal wear and pack my pistol away from the world.