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Burdastyle Germany is currently searching for their “Burdastyle Talent 2017” under the subject “Parisien Chic”.
As I always wanted to learn the art of corset making, working with spiral boning and making a perfect fitting construction I decided to go for it and give it a try.
The jumpsuit as you can see it is based on the pattern 107 of this year’s March magazine.
I tried to stick to the original lines of the bust part but made several changes concerning fitting, added one additional seam at the front and changed the skirt into a culotte. It is more flattering for wider hips than the original version.
The whole process from the first cut in the paper up to the finished Jumpsuit took me more than 100 working hours, but as it was a project I have learned very much of, it was good invested time.

The outer shell is made of a very shag silk fabric, that creates a pure look and makes the seams looking more sharp because of its stiffness.
The corselette is made of a strong cotton tulle that is lightweight and quite solid to give the strapless construction additional support.
But the most interesting thing of the whole jumpsuit is the inner construction of 4m (ca. 4.5 yards) of spiral boning and 1m (ca. 1yard) of steel boning, it gives the top the essential support for staying in place without making me feel like a knight in his chain armour. I also added two grosgrain straps to fit the corselette thight on my body.
The culotte is a combination of the skirt pattern, from the dress and the shorts pattern 6897.

You can find the contest here: http://talent.burdastyle.de/frontend/detail/235/Marie-Susan
As the first round is an open voting I’d be greateful for every vote of you!