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This project has been in the planning stages for a very long time, being modified many times untill it reached perfection.

My friend (tall, dark, boy) and I (small, pale, girl) decided it would be very humorous if we attended our final canoe polo nationals sniff =( ] in matching, furry, onesie pajamas complete with hood and ears!

So it was decided that he should be black and I white (because, of course, I had a slightly greater chance of being able to keep mine clean) and that we should have grey leopard print fabric lining our hoods, pockets and ears.
My onesie was the first real sewing project I had ever done and was quite challenging; my first zip, cuffs, inside leg seams… not to mention I had to draft my own hood and ears as the pattern didn’t have a hood variation.
Tuck’s was slightly easier after mine, but the pattern is designed for girls (Kwik Sew 2175), so I had to make him a medium body and lengthen the arms and legs by about 10 inches!
Anyway, in the end the both turned out pretty well and were definitly well liked at nationals =)
The only problem is now all of the rest of my friends want one =S

p.s. sorry about the pics, they are the only shots i have of them at the moment, hopefully i’ll be able to upload soime later, but these are the onesies in action!