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Here’s Neville. As I said before I’m a huge fan of Nancy Pena’s work (@ La Bote Bulles) and I’m now working on men’s costumes! For Neville I’ve chosen to mix and match the decades, ‘cause the roll collar waistcoat is from a 1840 pattern and the frock coat from a 1880 pattern. But I liked the two together and who will really notice? ^^ I know… OK, next time I’ll try to be more historically accurate!
Well… Patterns are from “Mens Garments 1830-1900 A Guide to Pattern Cutting” and the fabric is vintage natural linen + black silk lining. The inspiration is from Nancy Pena’s “Tea Party” and the gentle model is my brother! :)

The final costume must be made of striped grey wool with silk lining… Cross my fingers for the result to be that great! I’m proud of myself ‘cause at first I thought this was way above my head, still I decided to have a go (’cause I’m a litlle stubborn yes I know) and I’m pretty happy I did! :D