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A tartan dress designed for christmas which definitely did its job to increase the christmas vibe. And I think it got a scottish feel not just with the plaid fabric but also with the skirt shape, which I like!

The bodice is taken from an existing dress pattern from “Stoff och Stil” but altered in the back – I chose a V-shape back with zipper down in the middle of the back instead of a rounded neck shape with zipper in the side. The skirt is self drawn and was supposed to be a full circle skirt, but I kind of rushed through it all and something went wrong to say the least.. and I didn’t have enough fabric to start over so I had to put in more fabric on the sides in triangles to fill out the skirt. It did its job and it also put some more volume on the hips and it (kind of!) got that kilt feel with the folds on the side.