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I originally I made this costume thinking it would be femNetherlands for a party were the guests must represent a different nation ( the reason I was given the honour of representing the Netherlands is because my friends think I’m so crazy I make Amsterdam look normal T.T no offence dutch readers :/ )
I decided to dedicate this outfit to an original character a friend of mine and I created " Ir-Reppublika ta’Malta’ aka my home island. The colour scheme is based on the colours of Konti Ruggier or the Maltese flag. I drew inspiration from France’s, Austria’s and Romano’s uniforms and character sketches drawn by my friend and I.
I did the waistcoat, skirt and broach (on the shirt) shirt is vintage, belt is from Orsay and the shoes are from a €3 shoe sale that happened at q in my village and the bow was from the €0.25 bazaar of Tal-Lira
Hetalia, Orsay and Tal-Lira are not mine, but the mess in the background of some of the images is ;)