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Kimono – Burdastyle 6/2016 #127

I got this big piece of bright semi-sheer floral polyester chiffon from a local charity shop for only a buck, and my mum told me to make a kimono; well I had exactly enough for this pattern, though not for the edging. I didn’t have any fringe trim, but I did have some long pieces of thin cords, so I instead made individual tassels, placed evenly around the edges. I had to make sure they were each attached securely, which meant some knotting and hand stitching. Overall the kimono was fairly quick to sew. I used a scrap of pink vintage polyester chiffon for the edges/facings. I took these photos while house sitting for a friend, but do excuse my flashing lol, I’m wearing this kimono over the vintage pattern bikini which I made a couple of years ago. Location: St Mary’s Bay