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This was attempt to adapt Beach Baby design to a science guy. Took a light bulb shape for his head. I still prefer the rounded w/ chin faces, so next “Elmer” will be a bit pudgier!
For the body, I used a vintage sheet reenforced with interfacing, my new friend. Made stuffing smoother. Also, used needle nose pliers to pull needle through when attach. arms, head, eyes & hair. Stripes matched up easily.
I discovered when making holes for arms in sweater using sock monkey sock (no sock monkeys harmed in this effort!) that they become HUGE when stitched.
Legs were inserted & next try, I wish arms to be, too. They were sewn on after stuffing. Hair, as always, fabric strips. Yarn just does not work for me. Eyes appliqued.
Elmer has a lab coat & goggles of Shrink Art. Feet, yet, to be covered. Leather was my expertise on my aircraft job. Sadly, for the shoes, a challenge.
Posting on BS not an ego thing, an “I am somewhat satisfied, time for new project.” A selfish little push for me-so be it. Everytime I learn something new.