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i’ve had the Japanese Stylish Dress Book for months now, and now finally i have the time to make something simple from it.
i used the O pattern from this book.

the pattern’s only for the vest itself, they used a ready-made ruffles fabric in that book.
in my case, i used 2 different fabrics (very soft & light glittery tulle, and cotton flannel) and sew every row of ruffle on the vest afterwards. first by hand to make the gathering (gently, so the tulle won’t break), and then onto the vest by sewing machine.
took me 2 days (as i also have other things to do while sewing it), but i’m sublimely happy with the outcome :)

the idea is, again, that i can wear it both ways..the cotton candy way, and the cupcakes way ;)

note: thanks to verypurpleperson who told me that the patterns in that book have no seam allowances yet! that helped a lot :D