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Here’s a swimsuit that I actually made last year, but I just never got around to photographing it…it’s a bit hard trying to photograph swimwear when I’m surrounded by cornfields. Haha. So last week my family and I went up to Lake Michigan and it was the perfect place to finally document my swimsuit.

I drafted my own pattern using my measurements. The swimsuit is made from a print cotton and the inside is fully lined with a cream jersey. I wanted a mix between a two piece and a one piece so I thought that key holes would make a nice touch for that. There’s a zipper in the side seam for getting in and out of. I’ve swam in this swimsuit so many times, and I think that the cotton actually holds up pretty well. There are a couple of tears here and there, but that’s just from all the crazy use that it’s gotten. This was my first swimsuit of this style and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I’ve made the same swimsuit a couple different times since this one; using different fabrics and working out some of fit kinks that were in this one. I hope that you like it and happy summer :)