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This is my first ever attempt at a top of any kind. I choose to use the Anna Top pattern. I had the front panel with rouged bust attached and the back panel cut before I realized this was going to be way too small. I had forgotten to resize the pattern. So I added 6" strips as side panels. The strips were too square to fit with the bust line smoothly so I cut a wedge and a scoop to help the fit. The side panels I had left long with a plan to cut it back later, but I tried the top on and threw the strips over my shoulder. I decided I like the halter look and kept them long and just hand stitched them end to end. The facing kept pulling up so I added a button, that I think adds some whimsy. My breasts are very different sizes and I failed to account for this, so my right bust was a bit saggy. I took a deep dart at an angle and it fit much better. I matched the dart on the other side with a faux dart. I just took an 1/8th of inch to make it look like a dart without picking up any fabric. This project was a series of mistakes, but it ended up moderately wearable. I used the butt pockets as decoration on the front, which makes it clear where this fabric came from. I like the concept, but it does have the “loving hands” look.