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A safari blouse or shirt, very loose and comfortable. As it is made of thin natural material it is nice for hot weather; as the material is bright, it catches the eye both with the colour and huge pockets: I guess one can use them instead of a rucksack:)
Besides a ready blouse, I also want to show some technological peculiarities to have at hand if anybody wants to do this.

First, as the material is quite transparent and here we have only black and white vlieseline, I refused from facing and changed it for one-piece bands.

Then, of the same reason, when making flaps and a collar I had to cut three details of each to double the face / upper parts not to make the interfacing seen.

Work with the pockets before making side seams. To keep the shape of the pocket pleats, I sewed their inside folds.

And because of the front edge changes, the technology of sewing the collar changed, too. So here I tried to show the way I managed it.

And, probably, the last:) If you are going to wear the sleeves exactly in the way it’s shown in the magazine ( as for me I do no doubt, just trust me – other way isn’t nice ), I recommend to process the rolling up in a very simple but special method ( I added the technique separately ).