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This set was inspired by the Van Gogh “The Starry Night” painting. I used an old maternity tunic, which was a lovely knit, to re-fashion into the Burda “Princess Seam Boat Neck Top”. The top seems to look better shortened by a few inches, and like how it compliments my shoulders. The vintage year 1957 high-waisted trousers are sewn using a thick pink cotton twill. The bottoms wound up running really big for me and they were a pain to fit perfectly to myself, but I absolutely LOVE the result! I made a few adaptions to simplify the fit and manner of getting into them. To see and read more, please visit my blog – https://seamracer.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/retro-forward-burda-style-the-starry-night-in-the-day-1957-casual-set/