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What’s so special about this mini skirt? It’s MULTICULTI!! I bought the pattern in Sicily, Italy, sewed it in Switzerland and shooted it in London!! And last but not least, the model ist my sweetie-daughter, whom I made the skirt for. The shooting was all but easy… crowds of people just visited the Tower Bridge, the light was bad (very cloudy as for London this is nothing new…:-) and it was freezing cold! But hey, we managed it somehow through the urban jungle and, are happy with the result. So back to the pattern: I got it out of an Italian magazine called Cartamodelli. They are not on the Internet so I cannot put any link on it but I have made a picture for you on my blog. So in case you travel to Italy next :-) The challenge here was to understand the Italian description although I speak Italian I still had to look up some specialist terms, and sometimes just guessed.
So for the style I suggest to wear this cute skirt with leggins, since it is reeeallly short you’ll be just comfortable. We present it all in black here but I’m sure it would look fantastic combined with neon colors as well. The detail I like most: the top layer gets thinner on the right side until it kind of dissapears into the waistband. As for the fabric I used a thick crpe in a shimmery black so the layers would stand out a little. So let me know if you like my new creation and comment below and/or follow me and comment on my social networks! I’ll see you in my next post. Bye!!