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This button down tunic was my last project for my digital textile printing class I took this past spring. I wanted to create a tunic-like top that could be worn many different ways. Using a Pantone pallet I created two stripe patterns and one plaid. I flat patterned a basic tunic and fit it for myself. I wanted this project when I met Tim Gunn who came and spoke at our fashion show and also to wear while studying abroad in Paris. The tunic was constructed using the printed fabric in 45 different pieces total. The sides are open a few inches past the waist and has earned this tunic the nickname “apron shirt” amongst my friends. There are 10 buttons on the button stand located at center front. I also wore this for a photoshoot that we did in Paris with one of the projects we made (I used my Shibori scarf).

None of the lines match and that is the purpose. This tunic is definitely not for a type A personality like my husband who cringes when looking at this tunic (especially the one diagonal I put on the back).