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I started this project at 4pm on Sunday afternoon, not the best time to start sewing, especially when I have work in the morning but they were so simple, I had them finished in an hour!

I bought this flannelette on sale (like all my material) because I was in desperate need of some new pajama pants but also because dragon-scale material is pretty hard to come by. I was incredibly proud of myself for making sure I got the print going the right way (scales going down) and I overlocked the seams together so it was ridiculously quick and easy. It’s kinda a shame that the coolest item I’ve made is something I won’t wear outside.

I used #131 from Burda 9/2009. It fits perfects at the waist but the bottom of the legs are super wide, so I might run them in if I feel like it, but the pattern is made for satin, not flannelette. The pattern also had draw strings but I was feeling lazy and couldn’t be bothered to do button holes, so I used used elastic instead.