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These were my first proper pants. And, boy, some parts were difficult. I chose corduroy. My hubbie’s favorite pants are made out of corduroy, they are hundred years old (at least! :-) ) and frankly are starting to fall apart… Well, in Finland you cannot really buy those, so I decided to make them. Regarding pattern, even though “Jochen” is more of an ellegant style, it fits the material well. However, some parts were difficult to sew through, due to thickness of the material. So you better be gentle to your beloved sewing machine. I broke mine during the process of sewing waist band and had to make it fixed. Sewing those pants was a challenging project for me as a novice. I made some mistakes that I was not able to fix properly (especially waistband and back pockets were somewhat difficult to make), but the final result is great and the pants fit my husband well (he likes to wear loose trousers and uses his belt with every of them so I am quite safe here :-) ).