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So, I found all these cute coupons in my fabric shop… I thought, what decent clothe could I make out of it?
And well, the only answer was: boxers for my boyfriend! (Unfortunately, he won’t pose…)

I tried to figure out the pattern from some undies of his, and then I improved it with each new piece.
The first one was for Valentine’s day, with the little hearts.
Then I made the green one, for his birthday (to wear on Paddy’s day!), trying a different technique for the elastic.
Then I made one blue with little yellow ducks, that is so cute, but I couldn’t find it!
And the last one was the red one with the lips. This one had no defects! So I finally corrected the pattern and did my best to download it here.

I really like sewing for my boyfriend, and these are easy and fun to make!
You can also use the pattern to make pyjama shorts.