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Short Description

Inspired by the 70’s decade, I created a futuristic, yet classic suit with pops of color, pleats, a flamboyant pattern for the lining. The suit is paired with a bright red silk bow-tie and other details include zippers at the bottom leg.

Long Description

Many years ago when I fantasized about sewing (in my mind), I had a brilliant idea to create a
gorgeous pinstripe jumpsuit that I could wear to work and for many occasions. Presently, I had the opportunity to create my vision for “THE BERNINA PARTY THROUGH THE DECADES 2010 COMPETITION”.

My inspiration mostly draws from the 70’s decade, where men were much more flamboyant with fashion. Although, I’m not a very “flashy” person, I am very drawn to the colors, sequence and rhinestones used to embellish their garments. However, I choose to make my suit very neutral with bold pops of color and hidden surprises.

Since I didn’t have a pattern to create the jumpsuit, I attempted to draft my own using existing clothes from my wardrobe and random patterns in my sewing kit. I also created many sketches as a guide too. Nonetheless, my first attempt to make the top of the jumpsuit (now jacket) was unsuccessful and I wasted a large portion of fabric, because I was so anxious to get started and finish the garment. So, I refocused and decided to use a button down shirt pattern to create a “muslin” of the jacket first. Yes! Believe it or not, I used a button down shirt pattern to draft and construct the final piece too. (Pattern – Vogue V8096)

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Location: Churchill’s Pub
Photo Credit: Justin Helmick of JDH Photography
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