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Last year I fell in love with a skirt by the brand Silence + Noise, but it was far out of my price range for only a skirt, so I decided to knock it off using Simplicity’s 8653 and by self drafting other elements. Due to the fact that it was one of my first knit projects I struggled a little and ran into design issues. I put it on hiatus for a year and returned to it this winter.

I had used a gathered drawstring elastic waistband the year prior but found it wasn’t working with my material, so I switched it to an encased elastic waistband with faux tie on the front. This is the final product which I’m pretty satisfied with.

*Because this project was mostly self drafted I marked it as intermediate, I cannot rate or evaluate the Simplicity pattern used as the sloper for the skirt because I didn’t use the instructions or the waistband, only the skirt/front back pieces.

You can read more about my project at my blog luridfashion.blogspot.ca