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This is the best way in the world to stylishly being wrapped in a plush, warm, and cozy blanket! The pattern is a vintage Simplicity #1688, from the year 1956. The back envelope back states, “Slim, versatile, the ‘Wonderful Whiz-Wrap’ skirt is ‘Simple-to-Make’ and can be worn in front or in back…”. It goes on in less than a minute, since, in lieu of buttons, I used heavy duty snaps to close the top of the wrap skirt. My fabric is a heavy, coat-weight wool and acrylic blend plaid, lined in a matte pongee lining, to keep in my heat for a perfect wintertime wardrobe staple. With a dozen small darts to shape the skirt, it can indeed be worn with the opening in front or in back…but (I think) it looks hotter worn in the back. There is bright green bias tape binding the hem, flashing a fun burst of color. It was incredibly easy and quick to sew. To see and read more, visit my blog https://seamracer.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/a-wonderful-whiz-wrap-skirt-in-wintertime-plaid/