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This jacket represents an enjoyable 4 days of my life. I made it on an intensive course dedicated to the art of making the Mademoiselle Chanel jacket. The course totally demystified the whole thing, as well as helping to get a good fit and seeing how to pronounce the shoulders. I can’t begin to imagine how long it may have taken otherwise! The pattern is Burda 03/2012 #109, with an extra panel inserted in the back to help give shape. Once you get your head around the concept of this jacket, it really is a ‘posh’ cardigan and I think it should be worn as such and teamed up with jeans and every attempt made to wear it out. Reputedly this was the workroom jacket style for Mlle Chanel, which took off as a fashion item when clients saw it. Any lengths can be gone to on finishing with braid or binding or using pockets and I think that is where most fun can be had. Apart from wearing it of course.